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Samm R&D Center

Our Story

FOTAS is a product that Samm Teknoloji's R&D Department working on. It is one of the most beloved projects as an R&D Department.  The FOTAS is developing with the help of Tubitak BILGEM

Samm Teknoloji

SAMM Technology; is a Turkish company that offers products and solutions to the telecommunication, information, and construction sectors. With our R&D-supported production, we are able to produce solutions that provide added value, especially for telecommunication, informatics, and heating projects.

The products we distribute are telecommunication passive equipment, heat monitoring, and preservation products, and installation and engineering services are also provided for these products.

In businesses requiring companies’ collaboration, SAMM conducts project management or exercise leadership in undertaking import, export, and contracting. By the work of our trained technical and administrative staff, SAMM takes the initiative and responsibility in finishing logistic and engineering ventures, including construction, contracting, and turnkey projects.

As well as our technical staff, our banking, financial and logistic staff are extensively trained and experienced with all the necessary means and equipment to ensure concluding all our projects professionally on schedule


Designs and manufactures a wide variety of fiber optic cables.

Heating Systems

Heat Department designs heating solutions for a wide variety of projects

Samm Market

Raspberry Pi's main distributor in Turkey. The market sells many electronic components besides Raspberry. 

R&D Department

R&D Department undertakes many projects like FOTAS, Sintas, FOCD, and automation of productions. 

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