Çamlıca Tower

Çamlıca Tower

Another project we are proud of is the Camlica Tower project.

Çamlıca Tower is the tower that unites all the terrestrial broadcast antennas within Istanbul. It is also the new mega project and a new icon for all people of Istanbul. It has restaurants and observation decks for visitors.

The tower is 369 meters with antennas. It is also the highest structure in Turkey and in Europa.

This project uses FOTAS DF-30 to secure its fences. Along the fence FOTAS, the Dual Channel model is detecting intrusions. DF-30 is integrated with CCTV and their security systems so that personnel can see right at the moments if
FOTAS detects an intrusion.

Our FOTAS crew working themselves to install the cables. As you know Fotas only needs one fiber optic cable to work. But it is the bare minimum. Dual Channel models work with two fiber optic cables. In this way, the line has become cut proof. It is the most secure way to use FOTAS.

In this project, we work with our long-lasting partner TUBITAK BILGEM. They have also participated in our development process.

Çamlıca Tower FOTAS