Fence Security

Fence Security

Fence Security is one of the most used application types of FOTAS. Although Fencing is a standalone type of security, it may need helping hands. Most of the time CCTV cameras are fulfilling these needs. Of course, most of the time supervising security personnel are present for further actions but the main objective is to help this personnel. All of the security measures are developed for this cause.

While CCTV cameras are used in a wide variety of applications, they fall short in many areas. They are fundamentally an object that has a reach and field of view. Hence they can not cover all the areas. For example, a fence that is many kilometers long, how many CCTV cameras are needed? Can they cover all the fences? It is not specific to the CCTV cameras but other helping systems fall short.

On the other hand, distributed systems can cover all the areas. FOTAS needs a single-mode optical cable installed on the fence. Every bit of the fiber optic cable acts as a sensor. So that nowhere is blacked out or stayed out of scope. Even though under the ground can be inside the scope of view.

Fiber Security

Fiber Security is another way to describing our job. FOTAS is working with single-mode fiber optic cables. Hence we can call it a fiber optic security system. It only requires a single optical fiber to work.

The application types are differed by where this single optical fiber is installed. If it is installed on a fence, we configure FOTAS to work with the fence. If an optical fiber cable is installed beside the pipeline, we configure FOTAS to work with the pipeline. FOTAS has different types of Artificial Intelligence modules for different types of sensing.

We can use FOTAS anywhere the fiber is deployed. Some of the fence applications are listed below.

  • Houses
  • Factories
  • Household residances
  • Military bases or barackes
  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Highways
  • Borders
  • Critical Structures

You can extend the list as you wish.