Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensing Applications

FOTASTM is a fiber optic based acoustic sensor. It has a wide variety of usage areas. Fiber optic acoustic sensing applications include natural disasters, human activities, excavation detection, and seismic effects. By using its Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, FOTAS can detect any significant acoustic signals and their location.

To understand the fiber optic acoustic sensing applications, we should start with Newton’s Laws of Motion. Every motion is caused by a force that creates an acoustic wave. In theory, FOTAS can sense these motions because of its sensing technology. Although every force creates an acoustic wave, FOTAS can only sense above some threshold amplitude values. These waves can be caused by either a human who is walking, digging, climbing or caused by the earth which has tectonic plates that are moving underground and causing earthquakes.


Protecting the critical areas by fencing is a common application. Fencing can almost never protect the area by itself. Usually, CCTV cameras or security guards are added to protect it. Hence, they complement each other. Although the security measures protect the area, they miss many threats. These are the situations where fiber optic sensing applications come in. FOTAS senses the threats and sends signals to the security personnel. By using FOTAS, one gain from the workforce aspect and does not miss any threats.

Fence Security is easiest deployed area to fiber optic acoustic sensing application.

  • Walking
  • Digging
  • Climbing
  • Vehicle Activities


Pipeline security is very important for many reasons, therefore companies have been spending a lot of money towards that objective. But protecting thousands of kilometers can be tough. Therefore it needs a passive protection system that runs 24/7. Thus, FOTAS is very convenient for pipeline security. While we can sense acoustic activities, we are currently working on R&D projects to sense leakages. The monitored pipeline can carry Gas, Oil, Petroleum, or any other nonflammable liquids or gases.

Pipeline security is one of the most used Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensing Application

  • Manual Digging
  • Excavation
  • Leakage
  • Other Human Activities


Wire theft is a common problem for telecom and electric lines. For maintaining electricity and internet these cables must work all the time. Thus their protection is essential for both companies and citizens.

Most cable security systems are affected by electromagnetic fields. Hence, they cannot be used near current carrying wires. FOTAS is not affected by such electromagnetic fields, unlike other technologies. This makes FOTAS suitable for telecom or electric line security.

  • Telecom Lines
  • Electric Lines
  • Any Infrastructure Lines


We emphasize many usages of FOTAS, but the potential usage areas are up to users. Every place that needs protection can use it. Airlines, military buildings, and factories are also common customers for us. Many borders are using our fiber optic acoustic sensing solutions. FOTAS serves many other security solutions as listed below.

For more about the our construction works.
  • Oil, Gas, Mining, Processing Plants
  • Military Areas, Public Areas, Restricted Areas
  • Airlines, Railways and Highways
  • Power Plants, Solar Plants, Transformers
  • Border Security
  • Industrial or Residential Site Security