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Detection of Leak-Induced Pipeline Vibrations Using Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing

The Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing can be installed on a buried or unburied gas and oil pipeline to detect pipeline leakage immediately. The Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic System continually monitors large spans of pipeline to sense any vibration which accrue due to any leakage or temperature changing on the pipeline. After the detection the alarm send to the operator of the system or to the security and the alarm contain not only leakage alarm, but also the information related to the place of the leakage.

Fig 1: Unburied pipeline.

The Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic detector system can be use in buried and unburied pipelines.

Fig 2: Buried pipeline.

One of the most advantage of the using fiber optic as vibration, temperature and leakage sensing is that it easy to install and low-cost solution especially in long range monitoring.

Fig 3: Fiber optic installed on the pipeline, we could employ one or two fiber optic in the pipeline based on our application and pipeline size.

For leakage detection inside the gas pipelines there are two main methods, the first method based on the vibration sensing which happened due to the leaky pipe and the second method is based on the temperature sensing inside the pipe, as consequence of the leakage on the pipe the temperature on the hole decreases and the fiber optic distributed sensor could detected this temperature change.

Fig 3: Temperate changed on the leaky part of the pipeline [1].


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