Infrastructure Monitoring

Telecom Lines - Power Lines - Fiber Optic Lines   

FOTAS Intrusion Detection System can be used in various applications. One of these applications is Infrastructure Monitoring. Infrastructures Monitoring has different applications. While underground telecommunication lines are considered as infrastructure, Highways or waste management systems are considered as well. FOTAS can be used in many of them as services for different purposes. While FOTAS serves as an early alert system for unauthorized diggings to prevent rupturing at buried telecommunication lines, Highways uses for Instant Crash Detection and Road Traffic Monitoring. 

Infrastructure Aplications

The application of the FOTAS system in Infrastructure varies in many ways. There is a list below which contains some of the applications but these are not all applications. 

Buried Pipeline Detection

Power Plant Detection

Telecom Line Detection

Greywater and Blackwater Pipeline Detection

Highway Monitoring

Railway Monitoring

Airports Detection

Smart Cities

Telecommunication Monitoring

There are thousands of telecommunication lines under our feet. These cables are the backbone of the modern internet and remote communication. The growing demand for the internet and growing data sizes makes these line more important than before. Hence this infrastructure should work with their full power 24/7. In reality, there are some threats that give damage to these lines. Thefts, Unotorized diggings and sabotages are some of the threats these lines encounter.

With FOTAS security system, we are encountering these threats.

Infrastructure Breach
Real example of a FOTAS prevented telecom line breach
Anouncement of the project at 12th Transport and Communication Council

Highway Monitoring

In nowadays, novel highways are built with fiber optic cables under the road. These cables are called Dark Fiber because these cables are not used right now. They are planning to use these cables in the future for upcoming needs. 

These fiber optic cables can also be used for highway monitoring. Along the fiber optic line, FOTAS interrogates the road and can detect road traffic and crashes. 

KMO and Samm Teknoloji will be working together on this project. 

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