Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Telecom, Electric and Power, Water, and many Infrastructure need some security measures. These lines are often subject to either theft or destructive actions. It is also hard to protect these lines because of their positions. While most of the Telecom lines go underground, some of the region’s electric lines go above the ground. All of them confront similar problems.

Telecom Line Security

Damage / Break

Infrastructures have overcome many problems. Getting damage to the lines is unarguably the main problem. Especially unorganized areas encounter these kind of problem. Because of unauthorized or unawared excavations vast amount of lines needed to repair or rebuild. To prevent breakings lines owners try to take different measures. One of the succesfull measure is FOTAS intrusion detection system. 


Theft is another one of the problems that line owners frequently encounter. Thefts can easily sell copper cables to the black market. Electric and Telecom lines have a large amount of copper which can be sold easily. On the other hand, these cables can be sold as it is.

FOTAS needs only one optical fiber to detect intrusions in the field. Fiber Optic cable detects intrusions using  Interagator unit and send signal to the User.

By the help of the FOTAS UI, Users can see signals and alarms in any browser.