Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring and Security System

FOTAS Intrusion Detection System is a long-range Pipeline Monitoring solution that uses single-mode fiber optic cables as a detecting medium. These cables are standard fiber optic cables that the telecommunication industry uses. Most of the novel pipeline tenders make fiber optic cables mandatory to bury near the pipeline for potential future demand but also the most of the former pipelines already have these cables buried near the line.

FOTAS system is able to use these fiber optic cables for intrusion detection. This is one of the reasons that pipelines are suitable for DAS systems. Another reason that makes the FOTAS system convenient is the system's Intrusion Detection range. With one device Intrusion Detection can be done up to 50 kilometers.

Pipeline Intrusion Detection

Pipelines carry many valuable materials inside them. While the carried material is valuable, the process or carriage is also valuable. People, the economy, and many things depend on the carried materials. Hence the materials should be carried in safely.  

While an unintentional accident can occur, also sabotages are on the list. Hence companies should secure their products. But pipelines are very vulnerable to these kinds of actions due to a lack of security. These security deficiencies are caused because of very long distances. They cannot be protected by any conventional measures. So DAS systems are convenient because of these kinds of problems.

Manual Digging


Activities around Pipeline

Pipeline Security

Pipeline security is very important for many reasons, therefore companies have been spending a lot of money towards that objective. But protecting thousands of kilometers can be tough. Therefore it needs a passive protection system that runs 24/7. Thus, FOTAS is very convenient for pipeline security. While we can sense acoustic activities, we are currently working on R&D projects to sense leakages. The monitored pipeline can carry Gas, Oil, Petroleum, or any other nonflammable liquids or gases.


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FOTAS Pipeline Security Schematic

Pipeline Monitoring
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