Pipeline Security

Pipeline Security

Pipeline Security is the main reason for the development of Distributed Acoustic Sensors at the beginning of the 1980s. For the need of monitoring very long distances like pipelines, these systems had started to develop. There were no systems such as monitor hundreds of kilometers on lines. CCTV systems or security personnel could only monitor distinct areas. Also, these measures costs are very high. Besides the need of monitoring long lines, another event makes this process suitable. While installing pipelines, companies install dark (unused) fiber optic cable lines beside them. By this method, they could be used these lines in the feature for any matter like telecommunication. So in many pipelines, there were already deployed fiber optic cables. These situations make this technology emerge faster.

As we mentioned DAS technology was developed for monitoring very long lines. Hence PIPELINE SECURITY is the main job of FOTAS.

Distributed Acoustic Sensors can get data everywhere to the cable. FOTAS can detect intrusions up to 100km with a single device. It means that for 100km there is no need to be a server room or any other protection and must manage the facility. Because FOTAS does not need electricity along the line, ıt can operate standalone.

pipeline security

Intrusions & Detections

Pipeline Rupture

Pipeline Rapture is the main thing we try to prevent. It cost millions of dollars to the companies and the final users. There are several reasons;

  • Unothorized Excavations
  • Privite Digging
  • Unknown Structure Building

Most of the accidents are caused by third party intervention. FOTAS can detect many actions over the pipeline.

  • Diggings
  • Excavations
  • Vehicle Activities
  • Walking near the pipeline