From perimeter security to oil and gas industry, infrastructure monitoring to transportation, we offer an adaptable DAS technology for every sensing project.

Perimeter Security

Fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing system (FOTAS) includes an artificial intelligence software that significantly reduces nuisance alarms using reliable algorithms that decipher and classify the type of intrusion in real time. FOTAS models provide either single channel or dual channel which is cut resilient.

Oil and Gas

With only one fiber optic cable laid along the pipeline, FOTAS can detect third party intrusions like digging or excavations, the pressure waves of a pipeline leakage, ground movement and structural variations.


The use of the Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Detection System (FOTAS) in integration with the camera, security software, mobile device and drone aims to make the right intervention (fire brigade, ambulance, law enforcement, etc.) at the right time for transportation.


FOTAS has the potential to provide valuable insights and improve the safety and efficiency of energy production and transportation systems. Its ability to provide continuous, high-resolution measurements along a fiber optic cable makes it a valuable tool for monitoring and optimizing energy operations.