Acoustic Sensing Products

All our products have an embedded FOTAS A.I. that our engineers developed with a software that detects the signals coming from the sensor cable and distinguishes which signals are a defined as a threat in the system.


Then it generates an alarm which is displayed in the user interface with the location and time information. The alarm zones can be selected from the interface, the zones can be set to generate an alarm or stay silent.

Aside from the D-5 model, all our products have the FOTAS server to analyze and classify the signals. D-5 model has an embedded A.I. card for analyzing and classifying the signals. We provide a demo installation for customers on site with our expert team.

For more information about how the product works, you can check out the technology section  from here.

For the frequently asked questions see here. 

Still have questions to ask or decided to give FOTAS a try? Please feel free to contact us; we will be glad to be of service.