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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FOTAS? Collapse

FOTAS is an abbreviation of Fiber Optic Based Distributed Acoustic Sensing. It is an intrusion detection system. The pipeline and the fence intrusion detections are the two of the most used areas.

It detects intrusions by detecting acoustic waves. It requires a single fiber optic cable where detection is needed. Intrusion is detected through the fiber optic cable. Hence it detects the intrusions where the fiber optic cable lies.

In addition to fiber optic cables, FOTAS has an interrogator unit and a processor unit. So it needs a place where these units can stay.

What are the usage areas of FOTAS? Expand

FOTAS has a variety of usage areas. Pipelines, Fences, Bridges, Campuses, Railways, etc…

When the fundamental principles are understood, you can use them anywhere suitable.

Two of the main usage areas are listed below.

The fence application detects forces on the fence like touching, climbing, cutting, or near the fence like walking or passing vehicles.

The Pipeline application detects manual diggings, excavations, human or vehicle activities around the pipeline.

What kind of fiber optic cable does FOTAS use? Expand

It can use any kind of single-mode fiber optic cable. It can use any single-mode cable but we recommend using resistance to outdoor environment type cables. Because of the environmental effects, cables get old. But the cables should last at least a decade.

For single-channel versions, FOTAS uses only one fiber optic cable.

For dual-channel versions, FOTAS uses two fiber optic cables.

What is the range of FOTAS? Expand

FOTAS’s range varies from 5km to up to 100km. It is only valid for single-channel models.

Dual-channel models range is up to 50km.

Optical Signal is attenuated through the distance. Most of the fiber optic-based telecommunication does not go over 100km because of the weakened signal. As our main purpose is security and control we could not compromise FOTAS’s precision. While these distances are very long, we always decide to use how many devices to protect the area without any compromise of detection.

How does FOTAS Work? Expand

FOTAS detects acoustic waves. Force propagates through acoustic waves. FOTAS can detect these acoustic waves by back scattered laser pulses propagating inside the fiber optic cable. After getting back scattered data, FOTAS uses state of art AI model to analyze and categorize them.

The fence application detects forces on the fence like touching, climbing, cutting, or near the fence like walking or passing vehicles.

The Pipeline application detects manual diggings, excavations, human or vehicle activities around the pipeline.

Does FOTAS need electricity?

Fiber optic cables do not need electricity. So near the cable or inside the cable, there is no need for electricity.

But FOTAS has 2 more components besides fiber optic cables. Interrogator unit and Processor unit.

The interrogator unit consists of optoelectronic components.

The processor unit is basically a server.

Both units need electricity and should be placed in a server room. If you want to access it remotely, it also needs internet access.

Does FOTAS detect gas leak?

Currently no. We are working on a project that can detect gas leaks.

In near future, we want to lunch another device like FOTAS that can detect gas leaks.

In theory, they have a similar structure. While gas leaks can be detected in many other ways one of them is Distributed Acoustic Sensing. We are planing to make it in that way.

You can contact us for further information.

Can FOTAS use existing fiber optic cables?

Yes, you can use it. What FOTAS needs to work is a single-mode fiber optic cable.

This cable should be allocated to FOTAS only.

Although FOTAS can work with any kind of single-mode fiber optic cable, we recommend using outdoor cables to protect against external effects.

In many applications, FOTAS is deployed on existing fiber optic cables. Whenever a pipeline is laying, constructors lay a bunch of fiber optic cable also. Fiber optic cables are cheap but very useful cables. Most of the time the main expense is digging the ground.

Can FOTAS be accessed remotely?

FOTAS has mobile-compatible web 2.0 support. Anybody that has access permission can access it wherever they are.

FOTAS has a web environment that can be accessed through browsers. FOTAS has a User Interface (FOTAS UI) that users can see waterfall signals, alarms, locations, settings, etc…

Also, Admin can grant access to other operators. It can be accessible to many people.

Can FOTAS be Integrated with video cameras?

Yes, FOTAS can be integrated with video cameras. Actually, it can be integrated with many other security systems.

FOTAS is already integrated with Genetec VMS. If your system is also integrated with Genetec, It means FOTAS can be integrated with your system already.

We have aimed that the customer’s satisfaction of use. Our web-based User Interface and high-potential integrative software make us to adapt any situation.