Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing System

What is FOTAS

FOTAS is an optoelectronic system with artificial intelligence that is used to measure acoustic parameters along the length of the optical fiber. It helps in the generation and classification of a continuous profile of acoustics along the entire length of the fiber. It provides critical data in various applications for data-based analysis and serve as a cost-effective option for monitoring physical parameter sensing at multiple points in difficult operating conditions. It is immune to electromagnetic interference and enables the high accuracy of detection over long distances as well as reliability while working in challenging environments.

Principles of Our Work in Fiber Security

We work to provide fast and reliable security and monitoring system using fiber optic technology for our clients. To provide this service, we value our customers needs and produce solutions for different scale projects. We value innovation, customer satisfaction and adaptability.

Experience in Fiber Sensing

Optokon Data-center has preferred to install FOTAS device to protect its’ valuable information warehouse.  Likewise state owned PEMEX in Mexico and state owned BOTAŞ in Türkiye have installed FOTAS to monitor their kilometers long gaspipes. Our clients and partners are in references section.

Previous Fiber Detection Projects

The Technologies Behind FOTAS Fiber Detection System

Understanding the FOTAS system is only possible by understanding the underlying technologies of it. Optics, Electronics and Computer Science are the basic foundations of FOTAS.


Our Acoustic Sensing Products

Different DAS Technology Solutions We Offer



Single Channel / 10 km

Our go to product for a cost-effective solution in small scale security and monitoring projects. Fast, reliable and easy to install.



Single Channel / 50 km

The product for the long pipelines, big facilities and energy cables which need protection and monitoring spanning thousands of kilometers.



Dual Channel / 5 km

If you are in need of a small, cut resilient and cost-effective solution for your small scale project; we recommend you to check out this double channel solution for security and monitoring.



Dual Channel / 30 km

A solution for middle scale projects to provide monitoring and security; including industrial and military facilities, cities and data-centers. The dual channel is what gives this product the cut resiliency.



Dual Channel / 50 km

D-50 providing the solution you need for perimeter security and monitoring that spans thousands of kilometers which also has cut resiliency



Single Channel / 40 km

DTS-L is a fiber optic temperature sensing system that can be used easily in different leak detections and fire.



Multi-Mode / 10 km

DTS-F is a fiber optic temperature sensing system for real-time temperature monitoring and fire detection.


Partners and Clients

Global Experience in Fiber Acoustic Sensing

Finished Projects

  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Czech
  • Romania
  • Israel
  • India
  • Angola
  • Mauritania
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Australia

Projects in Progress

  • Italy
  • Tunisia
  • Nigeria
  • Azerbaijan