Fiber Optic Based Distributed Acoustic Sensing System

Passive Sensor

FOTAS do not use electric power through the measuring distance.

Long Lifetime

The system's lifetime is no less than 20 years.

50+ km

24/7 detection through more than 50 kilometers long.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Distributed Acoustic Sensing is a technology that senses vibrations through the standard fiber optic cables. It only uses one fiber optic cable on the field to interrogate the perimeter. Systems can work continuously in very long distances. DAS systems use the Rayleigh Back-scattering phenomenon by sending laser signals into the fiber optic cable. Back-scattered light signals are affected by acoustic (vibrational) waves created by any contact or movement near the cable. Affected light signals processed by Processor Unit with an Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. After the interrogation, alarms are displayed in the web interface.

Technology That Saves Your Value

FOTAS technology detects intrusions that may cause tremendous harm to your belongings. Early prevention can warn you in the case of security bridges.

Interrogator Unit & Processor Unit 
  • Web Application

    FOTAS has a User Interface that uses Web 2.0 for eas of use for users and operators. 

  • Interrogator Unit

    The interrogator Unit consists of Opto-electronic components that send the laser signals to the fiber optic cable for Intrusion Detection.

  • Processor Unit

    Processor Unit runs the Advance Machine Learning algorithms for classification. 

Immune to EMI


Instant Alarms


High Precision

Mutable Zones

Resistant to Harsh Environments


Bilişim Vadisi

 Bilişim Vadisi (IT Valley) is a Technology Development Zone in Kocaeli-Turkey. It has many companies such as Turkey's Automobile Joint Ventrue Group Inc. This place is designed to be Turkey's Innovation and TEchnology based New Growth Center.  The Bilişim Vadisi is a valuable project for Turkish people and the Valley is protected by Fotas SF-10.


Camlica Tower

Çamlıca Kulesi

Çamlıca Kulesi (The Tower) is a Radio & TV Tower rises on the Çamlıca Hill / Istanbul. It has been establised to improve the local communication and broadcasting operations to world standards. The location of the Çamlıca Kulesi is highly critical and the Tower is with extreme measures. One of the measures is Fotas DF-30.

Camlica Tower
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