Fiber Optic Based Distributed Acoustic Sensor

Fiber Optic Based Distributed Acoustic Sensor

Fiber Optic Based Distributed Acoustic Sensor is a technology that FOTAS uses for detection and security. Because of its easily supplied infrastructure, it can be used in many areas.

Laser beams are sent by a laser source and travel the entire system. Hence, they provide information while flowing through the fiber optic cable. After that, the software computes the data. Mostly used for digging, trespassing, excavations, etc. Actions that create vibration, such as walking, can be watched live on the system with 10 meters of precision. Sensitivity can be calibrated. The necessary places can be isolated and deactivated while the system is running. All alarms received are reported over the web interface and stored as exportable data. Fiber Optic Based Distributed Acoustic Sensor technology is explained further here.

It is one of the proven early warning security systems. FOTAS detects third-party intervention, illegal crossing attempts, and unauthorized excavations along a line spanning from several kilometers to thousands of kilometers. For more, see applications. You can also look at Telecom Solutions.

FOTAS Application Types

Examples of basic activities that can be detected remotely along the fiber line with the FOTAS SL-50 are listed below;

  1. Environment and Border Security

    When the detection fiber is laid on a ground, unauthorized excavations and passages occur here, and when mounted on the fence, climbing and cutting events.
  2. Pipeline Security

    High pressure leakage or leakage, sabotage and unauthorized excavation occurring here by following lines such as oil, natural gas and water transport.
  3. Telecom Line Security

    Detection of the damaged line and unauthorized excavation activities.

Thanks to the advanced FOTAS Artificial Intelligence Module, you will be able to detect various events instantly. FOTAS will offer you a wide range of application areas with its Artificial Intelligence.

FOTAS Application Areas

  • Oil, Natural Gas and Water Pipelines
  • Industrial, Residential and Commercial Sites Security
  • Security of Military, Public and Private Facilities
  • Security of Airports, Railways and Highways
  • Security of Power Plants
  • Border Security
  • Security of Mining Operations
  • Security of Solar Farms
Distributed Acoustic Sensing
FOTAS Fiber Optic Based Acoustic Sensing Pipeline Protection
Fiber Optic Based Distributed Acoustic Sensing
Fiber Optic Based Acoustic Sensor

Functional Features

  • Through GIS (Geographic Information System) based IMA (In-Process Monitoring), the fiber optic line can be followed live and movements can be monitored.
  • No setup required to use the operator interface.
  • Regions and threats to be hidden along the fiber optic line can be defined.
  • Past threats can be monitored and analyzed.
  • Access to multiple users can be offered.
  • With CCTV integration, the area where the threat is can be monitored.

General Features

  • Access to FOTAS with multiple devices through web interface
  • Fast, reliable, 24/7 access
  • Real-time security up to 50 km with a single device
  • Precise location detection up to 10 m
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Ability to work with existing or specially installed fiber optic cables
  • No electronic device or energy need in the protected area