Frequently Asked Questions

What is FOTAS? What Does The Acronym FOTAS Stand For? Who Developed FOTAS? Is it a Local Product? What is Fiber? What is Optics? What is Fiber Optics? What is Acoustic Sensing? Why Distributed Acoustic Sensing? How Could FOTAS Be Used in Real Life? Which sectors or firms could use FOTAS? Could FOTAS Be Integrated to Space Technologies and Industry? Does FOTAS Sense Temperature? What are the advantages of FOTAS over other sensing technologies?

You won’t need additional sensors or electrical sensor components since FOTAS system uses a whole fiber optic cable as an acoustic sensor. Only one FOTAS box installed in the system room and its fiber optic cable is enough to know what is going on in the environment. Other point sensors need an additional power supply at the point they are installed whereas FOTAS doesn’t. Normally perimeters or pipe networks are watched by humans or systems which need continuous power; but with fiber optic sensing we don’t need such time and money consuming methods anymore. Another advantage of fiber optics is that they are very lightweight and also they don’t need an additional monitoring once they are installed.

Could FOTAS be improved using software and other tools? Why Should You Buy FOTAS Acoustic Sensing System? Is FOTAS Acoustic Sensing System Expensive? Is FOTAS Acoustic Sensing Affected by Environmental Conditions? Does FOTAS Acoustic Sensor Run With Electricity? What Happens If The Acoustic Sensing Fiber Cable is Cut? How Accurate is The Data Generated by FOTAS? Could FOTAS Acoustic Sensor Early Detect Earthquakes? What is Intrusion Detection and what is its link with FOTAS? What kind of cables are used in FOTAS? How do those cables work? Does FOTAS work with cameras or does it have a camera connection? What Does FOTAS Acoustic Sensing System Consist of? What is The Size of FOTAS System Units?