Perimeter Security

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)
Fence Security - Border Security - Wall Security 

FOTAS is a fiber optic-based distributed acoustic sensor that has a variety of usage areas. Fiber optic acoustic sensing applications include natural disasters, human activities, intrusion detection, and seismic effects. Perimeter security is the most common usage. Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is a terminology that expresses Perimeter Security. The system detects intrusion hence the one could use it for any measures. One of the most used ways is security reasons.

Perimeter Intrusion detection is one of the main detection for DAS systems. Many high-security facilities use the DAS system for intrusion detection. The FOTAS system has many advantages and features like; adjustable sensitivity,  Geographic Information System adaptation, high durability and 24/7 intrusion detection. Hence facilities that need high protection measures rely on Distributed Acoustic Sensings.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

There are many different Perimeter Intrusion Detection usage cases. Some of these cases listed as above. 

Industrial Zones

Military Baracks


Residential Sites



Power Plants


Perimeter Security

Protecting the critical areas by Distributed Acoustic Sensing is a common application. Fences or Walls can almost never protect the area by themselves. Usually, CCTV cameras or security guards are added to protect it. Hence, they complement each other.  FOTAS senses the Intrusions and warns the authorized personnel.

Detection Examples

  • Walking
  • Digging
  • Climbing
  • Vehicle Activity
Perimeter Border Detection

FOTAS Fence Application Schematic

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