Enhancing Perimeter Security with FOTAS and Genetec Security Center Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance Integration

In any modern security landscape, perimeter protection is a must. By Supplementing FOTAS with Genetec Security Center Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance allows operators to accurately and reliably detect and monitor threats.

Understanding Genetec RSA

The RSA Surveillance module integrates radar or intrusion detection sensors with Security Center, enhancing real-time event and alarm synchronization. This system allows operators to monitor threats and activities directly through the alarm management tasks or facility maps, introducing advanced command and control capabilities. Operators can visually track targets, view live or recorded videos, and manage alarms on dynamic maps, which now include radar detection zones. These zones can be scheduled to arm or disarm, providing comprehensive intrusion tracking and data storage for detailed investigations. RSA Surveillance’s geo-locating feature further enhances tracking accuracy and operator response. The module can be seamlessly added to Genetec security systems via the Security Center configuration interface.

The Integration of FOTAS and Genetec

By combining FOTAS with Genetec RSA Module, perimeter security is significantly enhanced. Here’s how:

  1. Comprehensive Awareness
    When FOTAS detects a threat, the information is immediately displayed in the Genetec interface, giving security teams a clear, integrated view of the situation.
  2. Automated Response
    The system can be configured to respond automatically to detections from FOTAS. For example, it can activate nearby cameras, lock down access points, and alert security personnel.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility
    Whether you have a small perimeter or a large border to secure, this integrated solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Real-World Applications

This powerful integration is ready for use in high security environments:

  • Airports
    Enhancing security in restricted zones and runways.
  • Critical Infrastructure
    Protecting facilities like power plants and data centers.
  • Borders
    Monitoring national borders for illegal crossings.


Integrating FOTAS with Genetec RSA Module represents a significant advancement in perimeter security. This combination enhances detection capabilities, situational awareness, and automated responses while reducing false alarms. As technology evolves, this integration sets new standards in perimeter security, ensuring facilities remain protected against a growing array of threats.

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