Çamlıca TV Tower is Protected by FOTAS

Fiber optic acoustic sensing system FOTAS, developed in cooperation with SAMM Technology and TUBİTAK BİLGEM, was successfully implemented for perimeter security of the Istanbul Çamlıca TV and Radio Tower.

Çamlıca Tower is protected by FOTAS D-30, the most advanced perimeter security system that detects intrusions, trespassing, digging, climbing etc.

Installation, testing, commissioning, and integration of the system were completed as of 06.11.2020. The project was realized with the D-30 Dual Port version of FOTAS, which provides fence border security up to 30 km. Even if the fiber is cut off, the system continues to operate uninterrupted. The system, which is integrated with CCTV cameras, can autonomously direct the camera in the relevant region in case of an alert.

The fiber optic cable used as a sensor works flawlessly under -30/+70 C temperature and 0% – 95% humidity. In addition, alarms can be given as audible, visual and camera visual warnings. Details such as date, time and operator’s reaction can be added to the alarm details. Without using any additional wiring or relay, PTZ action cameras connected to the alarm can be directed to the relevant zone.

Owing to its artificial intelligence software, the system can distinguish environmental conditions such as wind and rain from real alarms, thus prevent false and nuisance alarms up to an accuracy of 95%. In addition, it can operate 24/7 without being affected by electromagnetic effects such as lightning strikes and radio frequency.


  • Üsküdar, Istanbul


  • Perimeter Security, Monitoring